\ ə-ˈpä-thə-ˌker-ē \

noun. one who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes


In earlier times, the apothecary would provide hand-made medicines using herbs and plants to aid in healing. These were "early pharmacists" that would be trusted with the family's health needs. Pharmacy has evolved from making medicine by hand, but here at Prairie Health Apothecary, we believe in continuing the tradition of being a trusted source of knowledge regarding your health.  We strive to work with your primary caregiver and other healthcare professionals to ensure that your medication regimen is appropriate. We explore the use of non-drug methods and natural products** for prevention and for the treatment of not only your condition, but your whole mind and body. We are firm believers that health is your greatest wealth and that it is never too late to start making your health a priority. Our focus is to provide personalized patient care for you and your family. Let us be your community pharmacy. 

**if compatible with current medications and medical conditions






we are a full service pharmacy offering:

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diabetes education

Our pharmacist and Certified Diabetes Educator, Chris Mendoza, has received specialized training in diabetes care. She can inform you on how to best manage your diabetes and help you live with diabetes better.

She can help with:

-pre-diabetic patients

-newly diagnosed type-2 patients

-new insulin starts

- lifestyle coaching

-diet & nutrition

-blood glucose meter training

Diabetic medications, insulin and supplies are all available in the pharmacy. Check our Wellness Programs page to keep up to date on group Diabetic Education sessions that are held in the pharmacy.

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medication reviews

Pharmacists are medication experts and can answer any questions related to your prescription medications,over-the-counter medications, vitamins or supplements. We can discuss your current medication profile with the aim of identifying and resolving any problems in order to improve your health.

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direct billing to third party insurance

Present your insurance card at the pharmacy and we can bill your plan directly to avoid the hassle of paying and submitting.


refill reminder service

Never run out of your medications at the last minute with our refill reminder service. We will contact you when your medications are due to make sure there is no disruption to your care.

No refills left? We can contact your doctor for you so you don’t have to make an appointment to see them*

*only if your doctor accepts refill requests via fax or phone.


compliance packs

If it is getting overwhelming or confusing when to take your medication, we can place them in compliance packs for better organization. They can be packed automatically every week*, two weeks or every month. Each compliance pack organizes your medications in 4 time slots (morning, lunch, dinner and bedtime) from Monday to Sunday. There is no additional charge for this service.

*pending approval from Manitoba Pharmacare


smoking cessation consultation

Whether you are ready to quit smoking or just thinking about quitting, speak to our trained pharmacist to discuss your options. We are here to guide you in meeting your goals.

Call to book your appointment: 204-254-4257


travel health and immunizations

Are you travelling and unsure of which immunizations are required? We discuss your options and how you can stay healthy and safe while travelling. Vaccinations are available in the pharmacy and can also be administered.


sharps and medication disposal

Discard your medications and sharps/needles safely by dropping them off at the pharmacy. We will exchange your container for a new one at no charge.


easy prescription transfers

Looking for a new pharmacy? It’s easy for us to transfer your prescriptions! We will contact your old pharmacy for you to ensure there is no disruption in your care.


Free delivery

We offer city-wide prescription delivery within the perimeter at no charge.



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